6 Car Care Tips for Cautious Owners

Billy Curtis | August 15, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

Manufacturer-approved Skoda express service centres perform better tune-ups. But as the owner, you should still learn car care measures. Treat your car as your hard-earned investment. You should also find better ways to maintain them.

Here are some simple but effective car care tips:

Buy the right cleaning tools.

Practice cautious buying. Invest in cleaning agents made especially for automobiles. Why is it important that you use car-specific shampoos? These products are safe for your car’s paint. For tough stained areas, you may require a tougher cleaning agent. Ask one of the crew of Bowen Hills car service centre for advice on the right products to use.

Meanwhile, your must-have tools are sponges, mitts, hoses, and working water source. Experts suggest that you wipe the car in straight motions instead of circular. They also highly encourage the use of hoses to avoid scratching your car when rinsing it.

Wipe the windshield.

Don’t take a bug splat or a light dusty film on your windscreen lightly. Clean it regularly with a sponge and a gentle cleaning solution. Check for any cracks or splits—you may not know it but your windshield may already need a replacement. Take it to a Skoda express service centre for an assessment.

Choose a reliable service provider.

Of course, if all else fails, leave your problems to the professionals. Choose a dealership centre that is reliable and upgraded technologies and equipment. Above all, they should provide you with fast and efficient results. For instance, if you need a Skoda express service, it’s better if you deliver your car to a manufacturer-authorised centre.

Wax bi-annually.

Too much waxing can damage a car. Yet some service providers believe that waxing twice a year is beneficial. Besides being a good maintenance step, it can even preserve the car’s finish. This is especially helpful for owners who want to sell their car in the near future. Yet, remember not to wax during humid days.

Clean the engine.

Engines tend to get really greasy, so you need to degrease them with a soft cotton cloth and a cleaning agent. Pick cleaners that will rinse off the grease on the engine compartment. You can look for a degreasing cleaning agent in hardware stores.

If you need to clean tight, small spots, you can use a tiny brush or a used toothbrush. Never use brushes with metal bristles. For safety, make sure it’s cold—or risk getting burned. Remove any debris before cleaning it.

Rinse your engine carefully.

Never rinse your engine haphazardly. Think of the electrical items. Most owners usually make the mistake of spraying the engine without protecting those electrical parts. This will lead to critical problems, like the engine cracking from a sudden temperature change. So, make sure to tape plastic wraps over those electrical parts before rinsing.

Final notes

Don’t be that careless owner who’d rather spend on repairs than take preventative measures. Take care of your car. Even better, get in touch with a reliable service centre.

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