Air Compressor Shopping: What You Must Look for in a Reliable Machine

Billy Curtis | November 6, 2019 | 0 | Machinery & Engineering

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You won’t have to go far from the homepage¬†Air Connection to find services for installation and maintenance as well.


But how do you choose the right compressor for your needs?


Identify what you need the air compressor for


In Australia, the two most commonly used air compressors are the rotary screw and reciprocating compressors.


The former is more suited to regular industrial use as it uses twin screws instead of pistons to create high-pressure air. It is the best solution if you constantly need high volumes of compressed air.


A reciprocating air compressor, on the other hand, is applicable in intermittent or short-term light industrial use. It is also popular for domestic applications. This is mainly because a reciprocating air compressor is portable, inexpensive, and suits a variety of uses.


So, if you run a small job site, a small reciprocating and portable compressor will suffice. If high volumes of compressed air or acquired a stationary rotary screw compressor is the best choice.


Calculate the overall lifetime costs


While it is tempting to buy a compressor with a low purchase price, it may not be financially favorable to you in the long run.


You must ensure that the price of the compressor is only about 20% of the overall costs, with 80% accounting for the energy costs.


This is where a smart system design comes into play. With the right setup, lifetime costs are reduced effectively.


What does a smart system resign looks like?


  • The compressor used must match 10 to 15% of the compressed air that the job demands. An oversized compressor is wasteful.
  • Make sure the capacity, duty cycles, and pressure required from the compressor matches the tools and the processes that will be used with it.
  • Pair the compressor with an appropriately sized air receiver tank, so the equipment can handle demands during heavy and peak times.
  • The system must be designed modularly so that the equipment can be easily replaced or added when needed.
  • The system must be equipped with high-quality drying and filtration equipment.
  • Choose a compressor with variable speed so it can adjust according to the demands and save you on average of 35% of energy consumption, in the process.
  • The compressor setup must include piping that drains away condensate.


Sourced from a company with a good service network


Well maintained air compressor, who work as intended for a long time. It will not only serve its purpose but also pays itself in the long run.


So, make sure that you buy air compressors from a supplier that can provide maintenance and repair services quickly.


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