Choosing the Ideal Motorcycle Dyno

Billy Curtis | August 17, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

How can a technician benefit from a dynamometre like a motorcycle dyno? There are actually many advantages to using such a device. For instance, with the help of a high-quality dynamometre, technicians can acquire the right information about an engine’s power. That information will help technicians draw helpful conclusions about an engine’s performance—if there’s an issue that needs immediate repair.


Thus, if this is your first time getting a dynamometre such as a motorcycle dyno, you must choose thoroughly. Here’s what you should know:

What’s a dyno?

A dynamometre is a device that measures data, like an engine’s pressure. There are numerous sorts of dynamometres—a lot of which do medical, hydraulics, or auto usage. A motorcycle dyno, specifically, computes the amount of pressure as well as the torque a motorcycle’s powertrain provides.

Choosing the Right Dyno

There are many dynamometres with the same features, yet their distinctions may bewilder you. The equipment, data acquisition system, as well as the gauging tool, all matter. Those 3 must operate in order for your dynamometre to do its job. These are the components you have to take a look at prior to you buy a dyno:

1. Data acquisition system

A good dynamometre must have a powerful data acquisition system. It has two parts, which are the Commander and the Workstation. The former is a desktop computer controlled by a software, which then commands the Workstation to operate the precision load and throttle control systems. These systems collect the data, which are received and analysed by the Commander. To ensure accuracy, the system must always correctly measure data.

The Commander’s software should also let you manage the specifications (lambda, boost, etc.). A viable dyno software application improves tasks. It lets you launch fans, or mechanically synchronise and separate an axis. Besides that, the software application must also permit you to compare various parameters and graphs.

2. Equipment

A lot of automobiles today need mechanically synchronised rolls. These help a common dynamometre to measure its pressure. If there’s no mechanical connection, it can’t give an outcome of a substitute roadway scenario. As what experts advise, you ought to buy dynamometers that have mechanically synchronised rolls. These give you with full synchronisations, which functionality could extend to years. Keep in mind, you need to inspect the equipment to avoid inconvenience.

3. Gauging Tool

The measuring tools, like the speed sensor, should compute with precision. Speed sensors should also measure specific data. You need to likewise examine the rolls if they’re knotted to deal with high levels of mechanical power. Knotted or knurled rolls can prevent overheating as well as rubbing, which all lead to ultimate damages. If you’re buying a motorcycle dyno in Australia, these are the devices you should examine to ensure accuracy and speed.

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