Excited to Drive Your New Mitsubishi? Here Are Car Care Tips You Ought to Know

Billy Curtis | August 15, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

Most Mitsubishi car owners strive hard to ensure that their cars stay in good condition. Taking your car to the nearest service centre is a good way to prolong its life. Simply log on online and type in the search box “Mitsubishi service centre near me“. This will help you find the nearest repair and maintenance service centre for your Mitsubishi car.

Mitsubishi service cost can be pricey. But there are ways you can avoid costly fixes. Take a look at these tried-and-tested ways to keep your car in tip-top shape:

Drive with Care on a Daily Basis

Be considerate of your Mitsubishi car. One way to save cost on repair is to drive with care every day. You will notice that your car will need fewer repairs. Take note of speed limits and follow them. It would also help if you avoid fast starts, stops, and turns. As much as possible, avoid potholes and bumps on the road and try not to run over kerbs. Check it out at Toowong Mitsubishi

What other acts should you do to show that you care for your car? Below are a few of them:

1. Avoid revving the car’s engine during start-up. This will easily wear the engine, especially if the temperature outside is too extreme.


2. Try not to drive at high speeds and then accelerate swiftly as this may result in frequent car repairs.


3. Don’t hold the steering wheel at extreme left or right position. If you keep the steering wheel at the left or right for more than a few seconds, it may damage the power-steering pump.


4. Slowly increase your speed as you start driving. This will prevent wear to the engine and drive train.


5. It’s not good to warm the engine by keeping it idle in the driveway. This will only waste fuel and lead to soot deposits on the cylinder walls.

Talking to a mechanic for other tips will also help extend the life of your vehicle. Open a browser and search the nearest “Mitsubishi service centre near me” so you can find a reliable mechanic.

Purchase Fuel from Trusted Filling Stations

It is best to buy petrol from a trusted fuel station. This will ensure that you are given quality fuel. Ask if their petrol is filtered at the pump to avoid fueling your vehicle with dirty kind. Quality petrol contains a good mix of alcohol and fuel and is not watered down. This is why it is best to buy fuel from reputable stations. These stations also offer competitive Mitsubishi service prices.

Take It Easy When Your Car Gets Stuck

If you are stuck in the mud or heavy snow, be careful not to damage the pricey components of your car. It is okay to rock the car gently. But if you’re really stuck, it is best to call the tow truck than risk paying huge repair bills in the long run.

Forcing your car on repeated reverse and spinning tyres may generate lots of heat. This affects transmission. If you think you will encounter problems along the way, carry a traction aid with you like sand, gravel, or cat litter.

These are a few pointers to help care for your car. When in doubt, always consult a mechanic to help you out. They have the right training and expertise to handle any concerns you may have with your Mitsubishi car.

If you have problems with your car’s air conditioner, visit a reliable Mitsubishi air conditioner service centre for your convenience. You may also log on online and type “Mitsubishi service centre near me” on the search box. Or, visit https://www.toowongmitsubishi.com.au/service/ for more details.

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