Questions About Getting Proper Van Insulation & Ventilation

Billy Curtis | August 17, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

In Australia, proper van insulation and ventilation are vital to accomplishing comfort during camping. A good ventilation gets rid of the humid air inside the vehicle caused by occupants breathing and body heat, not to mention the heat from outside. During winter time, a well-functioning insulation also keeps you warm. If you have more questions about getting van insulation and ventilation, the following answered queries might help you:

van insulation

Why is van insulation vital?

A van is typically not made with proper insulation, since it’s not designed for relaxation and lounging in the first place. In other words, it does not have the type of comfort that well-insulated homes and campervans give. Now, if you wish to transform your average van into a campervan, then you have to insulate it.

How insulated your van needs to be?

The quantity of van insulation relies on the type of climate your place has. If you hire someone to install van insulation Australia has during the colder months, your primary aim would be to trap the warmth inside. On the other hand, the insulation can additionally maintain the cool air inside the van during the warmer months.

Which type of insulation is best for your van?

The usual materials used by an installer of van insulation in Australia are reflectix foil wrap, polystyrene, and styrofoam boards. A reflectix isn’t normally an insulator, but a radiant barrier used as a sunshade. Inflexible panels are additionally used as insulators, as they are more cost-effective and durable.

Loft and vapour barriers are also crucial in insulation. The loft space is quickly squeezed in small openings as well as pockets in the van’s wall surfaces, whilst the vapour barrier is the ideal shield from water vapour and potential corrosion.

Why is van ventilation needed?

Similar to insulation, ventilation is essential for living comfortably in your van whilst going outdoors. Without appropriate ventilation, condensation will certainly happen, which will certainly bring about corrosion. Therefore, appropriate ventilation is crucial in keeping adequate airflow inside the van.

What are the best ventilation products?

Opening up the home windows and the doors of the van enable air circulation inside the van. Nonetheless, it would be impractical and dangerous to always keep your doors and windows open during the outdoor camping.

Some of the practical ventilators are wind deflectors for your van’s windows, air vents for its wall surfaces, roof covering vents, and pop-top roofing system vents. Those ventilators are typically skilfully set up to accomplish the preferred ventilation.

How much van ventilation is needed?

A good campervan ventilation allows better air circulation compared with those with inadequate vents. The quantity of ventilation relies on the number of individuals who will be staying in the van. This means multiple occupants also require multiple ventilation devices. This should promote appropriate air circulation. It is even sensible to add ceiling vents to let the warm air escape.


Correct insulation and ventilation are crucial to nature lovers who travel by van. To find van insulation Australia has today with high quality, only get products from reputable suppliers. You can take CAR BUILDERS as an example. They offer spray-on thermal insulation coating that can block sounds, amongst other cool things it can do. To know more about their products, visit

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